Great travel ideas for the old fashioned romantic

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If you are an avid traveller and a hopeless romantic, finding the best destination that offers you an exciting and unforgettable experience is a must. Below is a list of the best ways to travel that you should include on your travel bucket list 🙂

In our fast-paced modern times, getting to places as quickly as possible can often be the main objective of the modern holiday process, however, if you can learn to take your time to relax and enjoy the ride then this is a much more romantic way to indulge in the glorious gift of travel.

Passing landscapes and just enjoying the presence of your companions are both perfectly good reasons why travel is such a romantic experience.

Which is why giving a gift that involves some sort of travel experience is about as romantic as you can get and if you’re looking for a few ideas to add to your itinerary then check out the list below for totally romantic modes of transportation.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Old-fashioned romance is always inspired onboard a train

Travelling by train conjures up much of the romance associated with how we used to explore the world and if you’re hoping to watch the scenery and the people change as you venture forth, then there’s no finer means of doing so. Just the motion of a train can take your romantic inclinations to a higher level and anyone who’s wishing to add a spot of mystery and excitement to their journey need look no further than fellow passengers in order to imagine all manner of exciting dramas, yet to unfold.

Hot air balloons are perfect for travel loving romantics

More for those with a head for heights of course. An early morning start often signals the beginning of another day’s worth of adventures and if you’ve been lucky enough to receive a hot air balloon ride as a romantic travel gift then what a treat lies in store. Modes of transport don’t come any more serene or as effortlessly relaxing as being taken up, up and away in the gondola of a balloon; and as the hot air roars into life and transports you into the clouds then it’s time to raise a glass and enjoy the old-fashioned romance of a bygone age.

Camel rides are a much more romantic travel gift than you might first suspect

Journeying like a nomad across desert plains and over huge swathes of sand is about as romantic as travel gifts get and if you get the chance to clamber aboard a camel and sway back and forth as part of a caravan then dreams of Lawrence of Arabia will never be far from your mind. Travelling by camel may not sound like the ultimate in romantic luxury however, pitching camp and listening to tales around a camp fire under a black velvet canvas pinpricked by stars can’t be too bad an option.

Take your romantic travel experiences off road

If a bumpy camel ride isn’t going to do your back much good then why not let the relative comfort of an off-road 4×4 vehicle provide you with safe transit? Feeling the throb of the engine as your Jeep attempts another sand covered ascent is just about as exhilarating as it gets and if you think that romantic travel gifts start and end with 5-star luxury then wait until you climb onto an open top safari Jeep and experience just how exciting life outdoors can really be.

Helicopter rides are all about the VIP romance

Getting all cosy in the cockpit gives you plenty of old fashioned excuses to cuddle up with your travel companion and there aren’t too many romantic gifts that offer quite the same balance of excitement and awe-inspiring scenery as a helicopter ride. Circuit boards of twinkling city lights, pine covered mountain slopes or some of the world’s most thrilling canyons, wherever you’re lucky enough to buzz over, it’s easy to see why a helicopter ride makes the perfect romantic travel gift.

Traditional canoes are the only way to travel up stream

Old fashioned in every sense of the word and not without an air of romance, travelling up a river on a traditional canoe is definitely a gift to remember. No matter whether you’re amongst the limestone karsts of Vietnam, the backwaters of southern India or navigating the mangrove swamps of North America, there’s just something really romantic about slowly paddling in search of adventure. Nothing beats the peaceful scenes to be found along a river’s bank and if you’re hoping to get away from it all then a traditional canoe trip makes for an ideal travel gift far from the tourist trail.

Splash out with a romantic river boat ride to really remember

It only takes a glimpse at the old fashioned paddle steamers along the Mississippi to understand just what compelled Mark Twain to write about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. This is why a river cruise is always a romantic gift to give when you’re hoping to make the most of your travels. Of course, it’s not just the Deep South where a river can grip your imagination as there is a whole load of waterways around the world that can conjure up just as many romantic excuses to kick back and enjoy the gentle ebb and flow of a big old cruise ship.

Snowmobiles make for the ultimate in romantic rides

Anyone who’s ever explored the frozen fjords and snow covered landscapes of northern Europe will no doubt testify as to the importance of snowmobiles as a mode of transport. Not only do these speedy machines take on the undulating landscapes at a great pace they also provide a rather comfortable and romantic ride for anyone who’s looking to explore like a local. So, if you’re looking to encapsulate the wildlife, the landscapes and the absolute thrill of adventure travel then a snowmobile trip is one gift that definitely ticks all the right boxes.

Take your next romantic travel adventure by vintage biplane

Helmet secured, goggles on and chocks away as you take to the skies in an awesome aircraft more commonly associated with the dog fights and red barons of yesteryear. A trip in a vintage biplane provides a brilliant travel gift for all old romantics and no matter where you intend to fly, there’s no better feeling than a cheeky loop the loop to send your heart racing into seventh heaven.