A freelance writer from Davao City. I discovered my passion for writing when I was growing up in the small yet beautiful town of Davao. I took on various roles as a professional but I never forgot my commitment to master my craft, which is to become a prolific writer. I draw my inspiration from the littlest things and my strength from my family. My drive to excel is among the many qualities that have helped my career towards the path of success.

As an avid traveler and food aficionado, I publish restaurant reviews as well as top-notch culinary and travel articles regularly. I love Asian cuisines and exotic foods. I have traveled to a few different countries and visited a few of the top destination around the world. All of these have helped me create compelling blog posts in the field of travel and food.

I am proud to say that my writing skills do not end there. I also love writing about technology, business, and finance-related topics. I ‘m also into current events and I love to stay informed about almost everything that is going on around the world.

My educational background as a graduate of Journalism has given me a broad base from which to tackle topics in various niches. I also create e-books and SEO articles for clients who want to have a boost for their Google search rankings.

I am happy to say that I have evolved with the online world as a creative writer and now I am the brain and brawn behind The Happy Writer, which showcases my work offers a glimpse into my thoughts and personality.

Just like everyone else, I do a lot of crazy and fun things when not writing. But my hobbies are always in line with the creative world. When I am not in front of the keyboard, typing, I spend my free time doodling. I love to create sketches of people and landscapes and as of this moment, I am learning how to draw 3D images. Like any typical lady, I also love to shop and party with friends.