Review Insignia INS8727 and INS8728 Steam Shower

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Insignia Model INS8727 & INS8727 Steam Shower Cabin: A luxurious addition to your bathroom

When it comes to comfort and luxury, nothing beats having your own steam shower at home. It is one of today’s most sought after bathroom appliance in the U.K. It not only offers a sense of lavishness in the bathroom but it also offers several health benefits to its users. Two of our most popular shower models is the Insignia Model INS8727 and the INS8728 .

The only difference between the 2 models is the size of the shower with the INS8727 being 900 x 900 and the INS8728 being slightly larger at 1000 x 1000, other than that they are entirely the same and have the same features and fixture. Here we will look at the shower, its features and its benefits

Among our most famous units is the Insignia Model INS8727 and the INS878. As the name suggest, this system was made by no other than the U.K.’s leading provider of steam and hydro-massage cabins, Insignia. You can find the manufacturer’s U.K. distribution center in Milton Keynes. They are widely recognized for developing high quality and innovative steam shower cabins with AMI systems at reasonable prices. Their units come with standard and extended warranties, which are subject to registration so make sure you register the product when it arrives to ensure you do get the full warranty term. They also offer a 30-day telephone support to ensure that users have someone to turn to in case they encounter problems or if they have questions related to the purchase or installation of the shower.


The Reinvented version of the GT8727 model

For those who are familiar with the many types of Insignia models, they would recognize that the Insignia Model INS8727 and INS8728 is the successor of the GT8727 and GT8728 models. The latter took the industry by storm and proved to be one of the best sellers in the market, which made it one of Insignia’s biggest hits in 2015. Because of the manufacturer’s dedication to provide their customers with only the best products, which are innovative and cutting edge, they reinvented both models and brought them up to date. Both now come with several upgrades and alterations that will make its user enjoy every second they spend inside this lovely steam shower cabin.


ins8727 insignia steam shower

The Key Features that you will surely love

AMI System

Both showers come with the manufacturer’s patented AMI system. The Aromatherapy Modular injection is unique only to the steam shower cabins produced by Insignia. It is the first and only injection based system offered in the market today. The AMI system introduces a unique blend of aromatherapy oils into the steam, which is enjoyed by the user when inside the steam enclosure.

The AMI system works best with Insignia Essence’s that are test to be 100% safe to use with the steam generator. You can choose from four wonderfully made essential oils that will offer the cabin’s user a burst of fragrance whenever they use the steam shower.

If you want to relax in a steam shower that gives off a leafy aroma, the best essential oil for you is the Relax flavor. It is a unique blend of Geranium, Lavender, and Palmarosa that produces a pleasant, balsamic-woody, and earthy undertones that you will surely enjoy. The Indulge flavor is highly recommended if you want to the steam to possess a tropical floral, sweet citrus aroma. It is a mixture of Ylang Ylang, Mandarin and Bergamot that generates soft balsamic, herbaceous, and woody undertones.

Another great essential oil flavor that you may want to consider is Sport. It is a combination of lemongrass, Majoram, Peppermint and Lavender that produces an intense aroma that is fresh, grassy, herbaceous, minty, and citrusy. The last flavor is Tranquil. It is a blend of Rose and Immortelle that will give the user a sweet, deep-rosy intense aroma with tea-like undertones and a juniper top note.


Tri-Jet Steam System steam pod


The Insignia Model INS8727 and the INS8728 both boast the new “Tri-Jet Steam System” steam pod. This feature is a replacement of the GT8727 model’s former INS8727. It is comprised of three small outlets at the column’s base that are strategically integrated into the design of the steam shower. Because of the ingenuity of the manufacturer, the outlets were integrated in such a way that made it more aesthetically pleasing and less intrusive. Its position also poses lesser risk that the user will accidentally catch it with their foot.


Microphone style hand shower


This steam shower unit comes with a microphone style hand shower. We all love to sing inside the shower. Who doesn’t? With this stylish hand shower, belting out power ballads while taking a relaxing bath will be more fun, exciting, and enjoyable.


Bluetooth Control Panel

The showers feature the Insignia SUN Bluetooth active touch screen control panel. It replaced the outdated push button types that you may see in typical steam cabins. Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to connect electronic devises like smartphones and tablets. It means that you can answer important phone calls even if you are taking your steam shower, now imagine explaining that to the caller 🙂

Its Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to listen to music. This feature makes your steam bath shower experience more relaxing. It allows you to listen to your favorite songs with a touch of a button and this makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying a soothing bath. You can also listen to your well-liked podcasts and voice recordings. What more can you ask for?


FM Radio

Apart from being able to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts, the unit also allows comes with a built-in radio functionality. You can scan through the available radio channels through its simple search function. Enjoy that soothing bath while listening to the songs being played by your chosen radio channel.


Chromotherapy lighting

Another great feature that you will surely love is the Chromotherapy lighting. This element offers you eight different coloured mood settings that will make a big difference whenever you are taking a bath. It is fitted in the roof lighting. Apart from choosing one from all eight lighting components, you can opt to scroll through all the offered light selection to produce a more calming and gentle atmospheric glow.

The showers come with mirrored panels that fully complement the lighting. They accentuate the chromotherapy light that you have chosen to offer you a relaxing ambiance while you are taking your steam shower.


Adjustable body jets

Fitted with six round adjustable body jets made of brass and chrome. These body jets will give you a rejuvenating and relaxing body massage that will provide relief to all those aching muscles. They also help soothe your body and calm your mind, helping you feel more relaxed and refreshed after taking a bath.


Other features of the Insignia INS8727 and INS8728

The Insignia INS8727 and the INS828 both come with a bunch of other features. It comes with a renowned 1 minute fast start steam generator as well as a synthetic wood floor and stool. It is fitted with a useful shelf where you can place essential items and a well-placed chrome rail. It has been integrated with a monsoon rain shower that is made of stainless steel and it is connected to a riser rail for provide you with an optimal height setting.

You will also get to have the circular hydro-massage jets, which have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and the ozone system. Getting in and out of the steam shower cabin is also a breeze with its easy glide doors that are integrated with a magnetic closer.

Steam Shower Benefits

Steam shower cabins are known to help improve blood circulation because of its vasodilatation effects on the user’s blood vessels. It induces the blood vessels to widen, which in turn helps improve blood flow. Taking a steam shower can also improve the user’s skin health. It helps open up pores and induces natural perspiration. When that happens, the user gets to enjoy lesser blemishes like pimples and blackheads. The steam can also help men prepare before they shave as it can soften hair and reduce the risk of razor burn.

The heat generated by the system also aids in muscle relaxation and tension reduction. Steam showers also aids in getting rid of endogenous toxins and exogenous toxins. The former are referred to as biological wastes within the body including fatty deposits and tissue fluid while the latter is comprised of pollutants and chemicals present in the environment.

Apart from relieving stress, steam showers are also known as effective pain relievers. They are recommended to people who suffer from stiff joints and arthritis. The heat that the shower produces can decrease pain and discomfort associated to rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. They are also highly advised for patients suffering from respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and other lung allergies. It induces easy breathing and offers relief from lung inflammation or congestion. The hot and moist air that the steam shower cabin produces help patients with respiratory problems breathe more comfortably.